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Have a go at our fun web quiz. It 's easy - all the answers are here on the Nickey Line website - you just have to find them.....

1    Which three towns and villages are linked by the Nickey Line?
2    The Nickey Line is part of the Sustrans National Cycle network which goes through Harpenden and Wheathampstead and on to which town?
3    Which number Centrebus serves both ends of the Nickey Line?
4    What date was the line opened to the public?
5    What was the date of the last passenger train on the line?
6    What is the minimum number of times the management committee must meet each year?
7    Where on the line did the electricity company clear trees 30 months ago?
8    Which orchid was found near Knott Wood in the summer of 2008?
9    What is the cost to register to become a Friend of the Nickey Line?
10    How many species of fungi were found on the October 2008 fungus foray?
11    What is the vernacular name given to the fungus with the Latin name Inocybe maculata?
12    Where did funds for the new wildlife interpretation board come from?
13    What is the more common name for 'ladies slippers' which may be flowering along the line in December?
14    What is the term for the practice of cutting shrubs and trees to ground level so that the new growth which follows can be used for fencing and hedge laying?
15    What seeds do goldfinches eat in the wild?
16    Which flower blooming in March has leaves which resemble horses hooves?
17     What is the name of the invasive ladybird which arrived in this country in 2004?
18    How many households are currently FONL members?
19    Where in Hemel Hempstead has there been a surface scrape/clean?
20    What is the number on the photograph of the train engine taken on Hemel Hempstead railway station on May 11 1957?



Website Fun Quiz

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