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The Redbourn Lane car park by the roundabout has been cleared of earth bunds, resurfaced and expanded with a better walkway to the crossing. The crossing sightline towards Harpenden is much better now and should stay so. All great stuff but the entrance is still very narrow so care is needed in entering and exiting. You have to be absolutely at a right angle. We suggest you if necessary go round the roundabout then turn right into the car park.

Redbourn Lane Improved Car Park

New Facebook Group "The Nickey Line”

With the support of the Harpenden Town Council media team, we have launched a new Facebook Group “The Nickey Line” for all Nickey Line users to publish pictures, comments and stories about the Line.

Why not join the group today and add your favourite photos and stories?

A Big Thank You to St Albans District Council

St Albans District Council have come up trumps in responding to recent appeals for help from them by your committee.

The tarmacadamed stretch of the pathway between the Holly Bush Lane steps and the crossing by Roundwood School has been swept clear of accumulating leaf mould.

Recent vandalism in the 5 Ways area of the pathway was repaired within days!! This entailed the resetting of three sign posts, repair of the barrier which had been pushed over, and re-inserting the notice board, which had the support posts snapped off near the ground.

Young trees getting well established on the sides of the pathway over the A1081 (Luton Road) bridge and nearby, which were threatening to undermine the structure itself, have been removed and action taken to prevent regrowth of the larger trees.

A big thank you to the Council....


See the photo of Luton Road bridge swept and with side vegetation cleared too.


Luton Rad bridge swept and side vegatatin cleared

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