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Volunteer Work Party at Hunters Oak, 18 November

Our volunteers removed vegetaton close of the pathway over a distance of about 250m east of the wooden ramp leading from Hunters Oak. The aim was to open up the path to make it more welcoming, and to remove numerous self set trees while they have limited growth. Several open areas can now be viewed

Volunteer Work Party at Redbourn on 4th November

On Thursday 4th November our volunteer work party took place along the Redbourn section, from the Chequer Lane accees, westwards as far as the small orchard area. The eleven volunteers cut back trees and vegaetation to widen the the route and provide better views of the River Red and the orchard. Also within the orchard we dug out a number of brambles which have previously crowded out some of the wildflowers that we know exist there - following a similar exercise earlier this year, three pyramidal orchids apppeared in June. 

Autumn Nuts and Berries and Folklore Walk

On Sunday 26th September Geoff took a dozen Friends on a circular walk from Harpenden to Redbourn and back, looking out for autunm nuts and berries and recounting some interesting tales relating to the various bushes and trees that were identified en route. Strangely this year there were no acorns to be seen and only two hazelnuts, but plenty of hawthorn berries and rose hips, 

Amongst the strange tales that Geoff recounted was one concerning Elder, which in Celtic folklore was considered to be a mischevious plant, so much so that it was thought that anybody struck with an elder branch was likley to grow a hand out of their grave after their death ! But at the same time it was believed to be a protective bush and often grown near the back door of cottages to keep out evil spirits. 

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