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Newly Resurfaced section by Roundwood Halt

The resurfacing of the Roundwood Halt section is complete but still subject to final approval. 
Some points: The surface is 210 metres of layered material, 3 metres wide with a top dressing of rolled crushed concrete, plus soakaways on each side for drainage. We are very pleased to see the rail section uncovered during the phase one scraping work on this section has been mounted in public display close to the old railway signal, reinforcing the history of the Nickey Line as working railway for all to see.
The project cost was £22, 750 for the 210 metres, funded by section 106 moneys from Herts CC with CROWS managing the project. (Our thanks go to both bodies of course). Some of the expense was down to the drainage soakaways installed to prevent a re-occurrence of the very wet and muddy conditions we have experienced here in the last few years. Other sections may not need such a belt and braces approach and so be cheaper.
There are no short term plans to extend the new surface for the time being. It depends very much on funding availability and the type of surface chosen.
There is a debate ongoing about the most suitable and affordable type of surface for the Nickey Line in future, especially the more rural sections. No one surface type is ideal for every user. The Hemel Hempstead Hunters Oak section has a fairly new black tarmac surface which some people dislike. Small scale survey work by the Friends indicates a more natural rural looking and feeling surface is preferred by many users for example - but there are advantages and disadvantages to both main surface types.
We would very much welcome feedback from users on the two main types of surface - tarmac at Hemel Hempstead and crushed stone / concrete in Harpenden - on which you prefer and why. Please email us at if you have any views on this.


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