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Our Constitution

1. Name

  • The name of the group shall be 'Friends of the Nickey Line'.

2. Aims

  • To conserve and enhance the Nickey Line for the benefit of the local communities and wildlife.
  • To encourage and maintain community interest in the Nickey Line
  • To advise, assist and work with any person or body which shares a common interest in the Nickey Line.

3. Membership

  • Membership shall be open to any person who shares the aims of the group and lives in a household that has paid the registration fee and any agreed annual membership fee.

4. Equal Opportunities

  • The activities of the group shall be conducted in such a manner that no person shall be discriminated against on grounds of age, sexual orientation, disability, race, nor political or religious affiliation.

5. Management

  • The activities of the group shall be administered by a Management Committee comprising not less than 3 and not more than 12 members elected at an Annual General Meeting. (AGM)
  • Except for the first year of the group's existence, any person wishing to stand for election to the Management Committee must have been a registered 'Friend' for a minimum of 3 months prior to the AGM.
  • The Officers of the Committee shall be the Chairperson, Treasurer and Secretary.
  • One third of the Management Committee (rounded down to the nearest number divisible by 3) shall retire at each AGM - but may offer themselves for re-election.
  • The Committee shall meet at agreed intervals - and not less than 3 times a year.
  • A minimum of 3 members shall be present for a Management Committee meeting to be valid.
  • The Committee may co-opt up to 3 persons to serve on the Committee.
  • Voting at Committee meetings shall be by show of hands.  If a vote is tied - the Chairperson shall have a second (casting) vote.

6. Accounts

  • Any funds held by the group shall be in the name of 'Friends of the Nickey Line' and accounted for by the elected Treasurer.
  • Accounts shall be submitted to independent inspection annually - and approved at the AGM.
  • Should the group cease to function - any funds held shall be transferred to an appropriate registered charity.

7. Annual General Meeting  (AGM)

  • The Annual General Meeting shall be held within 28 days of the 18th May each year.
  • The current Chairperson of the Management Committee shall act as Chairperson for the AGM unless, by agreement, another person is invited to take the chair.
  • Attendance at the AGM shall be open to all - but voting rights shall be restricted to registered 'Friends of the Nickey Line'.
  • Voting at the AGM shall be by show of hands and simple majority. Should a vote be tied – the Chairperson shall have a second (casting) vote.
  • A minimum of 14 days notice of an AGM shall be given - and the meeting shall be advertised to the local communities.

8. Extraordinary General Meeting  (EGM)

  • An Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) may be called by the Management Committee - or by a minimum of 20 registered 'Friends of the Nickey Line' - to discuss an urgent matter.  A minimum of 14 days notice shall be given of such a meeting - together with details of the business to be discussed.

9. Changes to the Constitution

  • The Constitution shall not be altered except at a General Meeting (AGM or EGM) by a simple majority of registered 'Friends of the Nickey Line' present and voting.


18 May 2006

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