Work Party Dates for early 2024

These are the Nickey Line work party dates for January to March 2024. Please note that some of them are on Thursdays.

  1. Thursday 25th January. Work in HH by Midland Road Bridge and surrounds. Cut the grass, vegetation control, including on upper path. Supervisor James
  2. Thursday 8th February. Hedge laying and tree planting below Knott Wood. Supervisor Geoff
  3. Tuesday 20th February. Work in HH extending the work started last year by the woodland on the HH side of the Hunters Oak Ramp. Both sides of NL, but particularly on south side. Supervisor Roger
  4. Thursday 7th March. Work by Owens Sidings to remove vegetation on the south side, letting more light onto the NL. Work also on the north side to remove, and clear the platelayer’s hut flooring again. Supervisor Roger