Overall, we wish to:

  1. Maintain and improve the Nickey Line as an all-season, safe and quality off-road route for walkers, runners and cyclists to use and enjoy for leisure, commuting or exercise within a natural / rural ambience
  2. Maintain and enhance the Line’s natural / wildlife environment and historical features
  3. Promote the Line’s use by local communities and visitors
  4. Support and work with local authorities and other appropriate organisations to best meet these objectives even when budgets are restricted
  5. Maintain and build the Friends of the Nickey Line group to provide long term support for the Nickey Line.

Our Short to Medium Term Aims

1 Line Management


  • Seek short-term repair to poor surface hotspots whilst supporting appropriate longer-term good, all weather, surfaces throughout the Line


  • Improve access to and from the Nickey Line, in particular a new level access by Thumpers in Hemel Hempstead and a ramp from Cherry Tree Lane
  • Encourage and facilitate use of the Nickey Line by disabled and other users. In addition, identify local transport options and places to park for those who do not live close to the Line

Ambience, Environment and Usability:

  • Identify and pursue opportunities to improve the environment generally so that flora and fauna flourish
  • Seek to retain a natural rural ambience for users when new surfaces and other infrastructure are being adopted
  • Work with local authorities and their advisors, Countryside and Right of Ways (CROWS), to maintain and improve the Nickey Line and encourage greater use. (Both St Albans DC and Dacorum BC produce 5 year Greenspace Action Plans - GAPs - with input from the Friends and many of the annual tasks are the responsibility of the Friends to action)
  • Identify and support the Councils in dealing with issues arising on the Line including responding to the quick removal of fallen branches and trees
  • Maintain low litter levels of litter throughout the Line, in particular seek to improve litter bin provision around Hunters Oak to Cherry Tree Lane where the new communities are driving more use


  • Identify and enhance historic railway features on the Line for their public appreciation, in particular the remains of working huts recently discovered


  • Improve road crossing safety and usability, in particular the two Redbourn crossings by the M1 and Redbourn Lane roundabout, but also the Redbourn Road crossing by Cupid Green in Hemel Hempstead
  • Promote considerate shared use by different user types, in particular publicise the Nickey Line User Code and work with the local authorities on implementing good shared use measures

2 Communication & Promotion

  • Work with the local authorities to update and reproduce the Nickey Line pamphlet online to support and expand digital access
  • Identify and seek improvement to signage and interpretation/information boards, in particular upgrade the aging entry point maps and our Friends’ information boards
  • Update our website to be mobile friendly with improved content
  • Undertake a programme of live and online talks to organisations on the history and modern use of the Line
  • Seek to promote the Line on third party websites and apps, in particular explore adoption of the Line in walking apps
  • Publicise and grow our Facebook Group usage and activity
  • Consult with users and potential users and listen to their feedback and views, in particular undertake surveys on matters of interest
  • Grow our Friends core membership, through FoNL stands promoting membership on parts of the Line and at local community events
  • Keep members and other users informed of Line developments and issues via email, newsletter, Facebook Group and website

3 Activities for Friends and Local Communities

  • Run a programme throughout the year of guided walks and events for members and other users to encourage greater use and understanding of the Nickey Line
  • Seek to involve local schools in activities encouraging interest and involvement with the Line
  • Run a programme of regular volunteer work parties to promote engagement with local communities in supporting and building a stake in the Nickey Line
  • Show our appreciation for our volunteers with an annual volunteers’ party

4 Funding

  • Maintain sufficient funds to cover at least one year’s Friends’ running costs
  • Address the need for additional ongoing funds to support important Nickey Line maintenance not covered by local councils budgets - and seek to raise this each year
  • Raise funds for seed capital for Nickey Line improvements.

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