Hunters Oak access to Nickey Line

Nickey Line Route

Start - In Hemel Hempstead, the Nickey Line route starts / ends near the centre of town at the junction of Adeyfield Road and Midland Road by an old railway bridge. There are at the time of writing no designated cycle routes connecting with this end of the Nickey Line although a Hemel Garden Communities project is working on it.

From Start - Follow the footpath to the right of the designated Nickey Line route as this avoids a set of steep steps unsuitable for cycles.

Keens Field - Shortly after this, in Keens Field and before the B487 Queensway, there is another steep section of steps to get back on to the Nickey Line proper. The steps have a cycle ramp to one side for easier use. A new (2023) gravel topped tarmac surface begins east of the bridge and extends to Redbourn Road.

Maylands Industrial Estate - Through the narrow Maylands industrial estate entrance, a distance of some 200 m, you turn left by the recycling centre and then proceeds straight on before turning left into a ‘private road’ with access to regain the Nickey Line on the right – follow the (small) signs and yellow surface arrows. The Nickey Line then runs to Cherry Tree Lane bridge with a new black tarmac surface, then mainly beaten earth (and sometimes muddy in places) to Redbourn then Harpenden.

ByPass Option - Cyclists can bypass the Adeyfield Road / Midland Road end of the Nickey Line by using residential roads running up from Hemel Hempstead old town (with plenty of cafes and pubs). The route is via Allandale past Randall Park, joining up with the Cambrian Way and then turning on to a path designated as the Pennine Way; turn right after the football ground, and before the road commences, into Yew Tree Wood to re-join the Nickey Line route.



Eating - Hemel Hempstead old town and the Marlows shopping area offer a range of eateries, cafes and pubs.

Longer Routes - There are a variety of longer cycle routes that can be reached from Hemel Hempstead, for example:
• Dacorum Circular Ride (Hertfordshire County Council).
• Into the Chilterns to the North and West.
• The Grand Union Canal towpath which runs North-west to Bletchley/Milton Keynes and South past Watford towards Rickmansworth (then with routes South into London or North to St Albans).

Circular Rides - Outward from the Hemel Hempstead end of the Nickey Line, cyclists have the choice of a variety of circular rides - See Sustrans or Herts County Council maps (links below)for ideas.

See our Nickey Line Users’ Code for simple hints on using this shared use path & cycleway.

Safety Points

The Nickey Line has a number of points where cyclists cross major or potentially busy roads and extra care is advised:

  • Hemel Hempstead: the A4147 Redbourn Road
  • Hemel Hempstead: Maylands industrial estate, a short on-road section between the recycling centre and the resumption of the off-road route
  • Redbourn: B487 Hemel Hempstead Road near the M1 underpass
  • Redbourn: Chequer Lane
  • Redbourn: access road to the travellers’ site off the A5183
  • Redbourn: Harpenden Lane/Redbourn Lane roundabout.

The M1 underpass for the Nickey Line near Redbourn is poorly lit and lights are recommended.

There are also a number of farm and business access routes crossing the Nickey Line. The Line also goes under a quite low bridge at Fletcher Way, Hemel Hempstead.

Useful Sites

Sustrans National Cycle Network Route Map – Scroll down to 'Open the National Cycle Network map’

Hertfordshire County Council Walking and cycling routes

Please note that, whilst Friends of the Nickey Line try to keep these notes up to date, there may be changes from time to time. Please email us ( with any discrepancies you spot.