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Harpenden – Hemel Bus Changes

A number of changes to local bus services have occurred:

  • A new midweek local bus route, the 721, was introduced 19 November. There are now two midweek No 721 buses an hour linking Luton, Harpenden and Hemel Hempstead (via St Albans)
  • These alternate with the two 321 buses (reduced from three) an hour, which go from Luton, through Harpenden to St Albans and continue as before to Watford
  • Overall, this means there are now buses every 15 minutes running from Luton through Harpenden to St Albans.The bus journey from Harpenden to Hemel takes about 50 minutes

Harpenden residents can now get to Hemel Hempstead to access the hospital there by bus without having to change.

It also makes it easier for those based in Hemel Hempstead or Harpenden wishing to walk the 7 mile length of the Nickey Line to do so, and get back by bus without changing. It is a fantastic walk, much of it through lovely countryside, and we encourage you to walk it if you are able. Refreshments are available too at Redbourn mid way along the route.