You can have a great time walking or cycling along the Nickey Line and linking up with the network of other footpaths and cycleways.

Ambrose Lane Ramp

Our Walks

We have a selection of walks already mapped out – click on the walk for more details and to download PDFs of the walks, including maps, to print or take with you on your talbet or smart phone. We shall be adding more from time to time. So do check this page out when you fancy trying something new.

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Cycling the Nickey Line

Navigation: The Line is easy to navigate from end to end, with care being advisable on the short on-road section through the Maylands Industrial Estate in Hemel Hempstead - look carefully for the signs and yellow surface arrows.

Safety: There are points where some care is advised including minor and major road crossings particularly at Redbourn across the Redbourn Bypass A487 near the M1 and the Redbourn Lane roundabout. See our routes pages below for more details.

Surfaces: The Hemel Hempstead and Harpenden ends of the Nickey Line each have sections of tarmac surface but much of the route is currently compounded dirt or crushed hardcore. The route is suitable for most types and size of bicycle but parts of the route can be rough and in the Winter there are frequently stretches of puddles and patches of mud which make for hard going. The route consists of long gentle inclines and declines.

Sharing: We ask cyclists to take proper care as to speed, distancing and giving proper warnings when approaching pedestrians - particularly in Hemel Hempstead and near Harpenden where the route sees heavy pedestrian usage, including dog walkers. Problems can be worsened in parts by the comparative narrowness of the Nickey Line route. See our Nickey Line Users’ Code for a simple guide to sharing.

Cycle Routes from Hemel Hempstead Cycle Routes from Harpenden

Cycle Routes from Redbourn Shorter Family-Friendly Cycle Rides

Our walks and cycle rides can be downloaded as PDFs for your private use.

Nickey Line Walk 1 - Rothamsted, Harpenden

A short 2.8 mile (4.5 km) walk near Harpenden exploring Rothamsted estate.

Nickey Line Walk 2 - Porridge Pot & Harpendenbury Farm

Shortest circuit 1.7 mile (2.7 km). Extension loops can add more than a mile.

Nickey Line Walk 3 - Around Redbourn

2 mile (3 km) walk around Redbourn

Nickey Line Walk 4 - Redbournbury Mill

Short Circuit under 3 miles / approx 4 Kms

Nickey Line Walk 5 - Beaumont Hall and Dane End Farm

3 mile (5 km) walk starting from Redbourn

Nickey Line Walk 6 - Highfield Hemel Hempstead

A 3 mile (4.8 km) semi-rural walk in the environs of Hemel Hempstead, taking in the Nickey Line