Redbourn Millenium Site with Plaque view
Millenium Park Plaque

From Hemel Hempstead or from Harpenden to the Millennium Park, Redbourn

(Respectively c. 4.4 miles/c. 2.8 miles each way)

These are out-and-back rides involving a number of main road crossings coming from either the Hemel Hempstead or Harpenden ends of the route.

There is a pedestrian entrance to the small Millennium Park, Redbourn just after (coming from Hemel Hempstead) or before (coming from Harpenden) the bridge crossing Redbourn High Street. Just after (before) this is a cycle path down to the High Street. One can picnic and relax in the Park.

Redbourn High Street has a number of cafes and eateries as well as a cycle shop.

On the Hemel Hempstead side of the earlier (later) Chequer Lane crossing point in Redbourn there is a small community orchard that is well worth a visit.

From Harpenden around the Rothamsted Estate

(c. 3.2 miles ending at the Rothamsted Park entrance on Leyton Road, Harpenden)

  1. Cycle from the Hollybush Lane end to the northern edge of Knott Wood
  2. Turn left on to a well surfaced bridleway, bordering the Wood, that runs back towards Rothamsted House across the farmland
  3. Keep to the path (with farm buildings across a field on ones left) until the path ends and joins a farm road; turn left towards the farm buildings
  4. After some 100m follow the road to the right towards Rothamsted House
  5. Before reaching the House/farm outbuildings (by some houses on the left) bear left on to a track that takes one down towards the top end of the avenue of trees in Rothamsted Park
  6. Bear left again down the path towards the main Park gates on Leyton Road (and often in the summer an ice cream van).

Note: this route involves private roads with restricted public usage and farm vehicles may be present.

Safety Points

The Nickey Line has a number of points where cyclists cross major or potentially busy roads and extra care is advised:

  • Hemel Hempstead: the A4147 Redbourn Road
  • Hemel Hempstead: Maylands industrial estate, a short on-road section between the recycling centre and the resumption of the off-road route
  • Redbourn: B487 Hemel Hempstead Road near the M1 underpass
  • Redbourn: Chequer Lane
  • Redbourn: access road to the travellers’ site off the A5183
  • Redbourn: Harpenden Lane/Redbourn Lane roundabout.

The M1 underpass for the Nickey Line near Redbourn is poorly lit and lights are recommended.

There are also a number of farm and business access routes crossing the Nickey Line. The Line also goes under a quite low bridge at Fletcher Way, Hemel Hempstead.

Useful Sites

Sustrans National Cycle Network Route Map – Scroll down to 'Open the National Cycle Network map’

Hertfordshire County Council Walking and cycling routes

Please note that, whilst Friends of the Nickey Line try to keep these notes up to date, there may be changes from time to time. Please email us ( with any discrepancies you spot.